Single Tenant or Triple Net Properties

This special breed of real estate investment goes by numerous names: single tenant, triple net, or NNN properties. These investments are single purpose properties leased by a single tenant and are most appropriate for investors generally seeking stable investments with minimal property management responsibilities and predictable rental income.

Single tenant properties are generally in the $2-6 million range and typically are leased to major national companies like Walgreens, CVS, 7 Eleven, Pep Boys, Chase Bank, Burger King, Verizon, and the like.

Knowing the right value of these properties takes the skills of an experienced commercial real estate professional. Key ingredients for proper asset valuation include, lease term remaining, corporate guarantee strength, yield, hidden lease clauses, and of course the underlying real estate.

These types of investments are particularly popular with 1030 exchange buyers. We search throughout Florida, an income tax-free state, for our buyers. Call us to see if this could be the right fit for you and to learn what yields these assets are currently providing.

Single Tenant or Triple Net Properties April 23, 2013
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